US Aeroclub signs 50-aircraft order on the first day of AirVenture

US Aeroclub principals Ors Gyene and Sabi Apai have today signed an order of 50 Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft in TAA configuration (Technologically Advanced Aircraft) for their expanding operations throughout the US.

US Aeroclub identified the need for an inexpensive training aircraft, especially one that can be configured for IFR training. US Aeroclub is already operating 5 standard Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft in flight schools at Fullerton and Van Nuys in California and operations starting in Apple Valley and Oregon in August.

US Aeroclub has recently completed training 19 new students for a program operated by US Airforce, taking students from first flight through to solo in just 2.5 weeks. This outreach program is a pathway for producing the next generation of pilots for future US Airforce operations.

Principal, Ors Gyene said: “The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is the cheapest aircraft in the market to operate and over the past 3 years has been proven to be extremely reliable, durable and has lowest operating costs in the industry.”

US Aeroclub is also assisting customers with aircraft lease-backs and setting up club aircraft ownership programs across the USA.

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